Confidence: Discovering your Value, Finding your Voice

I believe that in the body of Christ what is needed more than ever is confidence and a fresh revelation of God’s empowerment. Self doubt, fear of man, and false humility are weapons being used by the enemy to cripple many voices and hearts in our generation. Even though they are more religiously accepted than pride, they are just as damaging to us walking in our destiny. On the other side of fighting for your self worth and value, you will find your confidence and with it your voice, authenticity, and passion. God the Father is committed to you getting there.

For me the process started when one day the Lord said, “You don’t know your value and you look around and see yourself smaller than others. You think that you have nothing to bring to the table, you pretend and show them what you think they will like.  There’s a voice, a unique song, an expression of my heart that can only be seen through your life and you need to start walking in it.” People would call me humble or meek, but it was really just me fearfully holding back who I actually was. This started a season of God’s empowerment. He didn’t want me walking in false humility but in true confidence. Pride is saying I’m going to prove my value to everyone by my performance. Confidence is knowing that He has given me value before I do anything. I have nothing to prove, I already have approval and as a by-product of this, I have a voice. Unfortunately, some of us have grown up never knowing that our voice does in fact have value.

When we don’t know our value, we look for it from the people around us. When we don’t find it, we try to change who we are and what we say, hoping to get value. We shut down our voice and conform ourselves to the image of what we think will be acceptable to those around us. Our lives are supposed to be molded by the love of God only. When we hear His “Yes” over our life we don’t need to go looking for it elsewhere. His affirmation enables us to walk in confidence and be the unique individual God has made us to be.

You have to fight for your heart. I know, the risk of sharing your voice is scary; you can be rejected and it is a lot easier to pretend.  But the thing the world is starving for, is authenticity, for someone who isn’t phony.  We don’t need any more pretenders– we need heart. Fear of man keeps the voice that God gave you locked up and your life just becomes a big show.

Galatians 1:10 states, “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

The key to real confidence and finding the voice God gave you is living in the love of God. The amount of love you see that God has for you will determine how you see yourself and how you approach the environments around you. When you know you’re loved you don’t need anyone around you to validate or give you permission to be yourself.

Do not let false humility and fear steal the voice that can only be expressed through your life. Step into the love of God and fearlessly be the voice that God has called you to be.




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  1. Amen! thank you for sharing what God poured in your heart. Amazing!


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