Here is a excerpt from our book Jesus Burgers, taken from my chapter called Father To The Fatherless. I share this as a reminder that God looks for those who are willing to say yes to loving people and taking risk.

In 2001, a small group of us made ourselves available every Friday night to love our city. We never expected Heaven to birth a ministry like Jesus Burgers, nor to watch it have the impact it has had on countless lives today. Sometimes love and risk can look as simple as a question, “What do you think about Jesus?”

“When we first started Jesus Burgers, there was no ministry house on Del Playa (the residence now known as the Jesus Burgers house); we had no home base, so we would often find ourselves walking up and down the street amongst the party goers. We would interrupt groups of students and ask a simple question, “What do you think about Jesus?” To our astonishment, we frequently found that in a circle of three to six, most were receptive to talking with us. We would begin to share about Christ, but almost always someone in the group would steer the entire group away. These days were epic, as they required great risk and faith…”

Often times, God calls us to do things that require great risk and faith, but the reward is greater than we could ever imagine. I still can’t believe what God is doing with Jesus Burgers today, it really began with a few of us saying yes to simple steps of risk and faith. I honestly believe that each seed that has been sown over the years will have a lasting impact into eternity. Saying yes to God allows us to partake in our eternal destiny as ambassadors of God! Make yourself available to God’s purposes today, you never know how He will use a simple act of love in someone’s life.

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