Well, I’m taking my first sabbatical in 15 years (June 8 to August 8). We are beyond thankful for the church family and the board giving Holly and me the full green light to rest and unplug for two months. I’ll be using the sabbatical to slow down, enjoy... read more


Written by Benjamin Moore, Jesus Burgers Pastor Coming up on being married for 8 months, I wanted to share some of the few pieces of wisdom I have learned that I hope help prosper your marriage as much as they have mine in our short time: 1) You have... read more


“Jason, I can’t tell you how much IV Church has impacted my life… I didn’t realize while in Isla Vista how important community was. I took it for granted, even at times got really frustrated by it, but now I realize it was the missing ingredient to my walk with... read more


Babies are a lot of work (some more than others). Spiritual babies are no different. My wife and I have six (the latest this last Sunday) biological children,and each of them has greatly changed the dynamics of our family. With each addition, we have learned to work together more, fall... read more


My oldest son Samuel and I are off to India (8/20 – 8/31) to build up the church and minister to orphans. Please pray for us as I will be speaking around 25 hours in the not most accommodating conditions. In addition, praying for thousands of people and visiting many churches. I attached... read more


“Page 111, so true, Jason Lomelino. So many outward signs may say otherwise, but so true!” This last week a friend wrote this on my Facebook wall (a father in this generation), he was referring what I wrote in The Family of God book under the section Fathering & Mothering:... read more


I have a very distinct memory of lying on the Lomelino’s sofa one night surrounded by people chatting and kids playing after dinner. I was overcome with a tangible peace and sense of belonging as my ears focused in on the song in the background, which played “I’ve finally... read more


Commitment is a lost art among our generation. With our instant-microwave culture, when things don’t entertain or please immediately, it’s easy to move on to the next thing and desire the latest and greatest. As a child of divorce, it was hard for me to see that relationships could... read more

Excerpt – The Family of God

Here is an excerpt from our book The Family of God, taken from Lindsay Slavik’s (now Mason) chapter called Intimacy is Rich. Mothering and fathering younger lovers of Jesus is about believing in who God created them to be and enabling them to walk in His specific plan for... read more

Excerpt – The Family of God

Here is a excerpt from our book The Family of God, taken from Krissy Mason’s chapter called Made for Greatness. Holly and Jason first opened their lives to me by inviting me to family outings at the farmer’s market and letting me sleep on their couch. For the first time,... read more
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