We’ve all heard the phrase, “God is good!” Woo hoo! That is so true, so awesome, and incredibly powerful. But for so long, I have wanted to actually taste, feel, hear, see, and know that God is good. All the time. Yes, I have several stories of personally experiencing His goodness in my life, but I wanted my whole life to emulate this truth, especially my dreams. Through a series of experiences, I had started to believe a lie that was keeping me from experiencing another area of His goodness in my life, and in my identity.

I remember vividly one night last year, I was sitting in my room. I was laying out some dreams to God, trying to figure out why I wasn’t going after them. They had to do with business & creativity. There was a lot of risk on the table for me, and I know the only answer was trusting in His goodness, but something in me just could not do it. God challenged me to ask my heart what lie I was believing and assured me that it was this lie that was keeping me from moving forward.

I paused for a minute: “I believe that God ISN’T good enough to come through to make the desires of my heart a reality.” WOW! Where did that come from? Did that ever ring true in the core of my being? I had Biblical knowledge in my head, read lots of books about the goodness of God, seen tons of miracles, watched my friends go after their dreams and get met with His goodness, but always wondered if that could that be a normal occurrence for me?

And the answer was no, not really. I was believing a lie about who God is, and that was directly affecting my identity in Him. I was subconsciously doubting His goodness as my Father because I didn’t think he would come through for me. My doubt changed my view of my identity in Him, and my ability to have faith in His goodness was capped. Instead of believing I was an empowered son who had the resources of Heaven backing me because my Father is good, I was living from a powerless position in relation to my dreams and desires. And I knew that I could not go after what I wanted unless I was sure His goodness was going to be there. Without His goodness, I was stuck.

For me, not taking risk was actually holding me back from experiencing an element of His goodness over my life. After recognizing that this lie was a huge stronghold in my life, I was immediately in a position to let it go and let my heart and mind be renewed in the truth of who He is: that He really IS that good to come through for me! From that point on, I began this wild journey of going after what God had put in my heart. I left my job, started my own business, and now do what I love every day, not to mention I have tons of new dreams unfolding.

I now mediate on the words of Psalm 100:5, “For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Experiencing His goodness in the midst of taking risk has been a crucial element in my new endeavors. He meets our willingness to take risks with His goodness. Now I constantly tell myself, “Well, looks like a new area I’m going into. I’m excited to see the goodness of God meet me there.”

Next time you feel stuck, ask yourself if you are fully believing that God is good and that He is seeking to make His goodness known in your life. If you discover a lie, let it go. Let God renew your heart and mind in the reality that He really is good all the time! And then get ready, your life is literally about to transform.

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