Over a year ago, I was sitting with the Lord and heard Him whisper, “Whatever is concealed can rarely be healed.” I was like, “Um, come again Lord?” I knew what He meant when He said it, especially since I was in a tough season and nobody really knew how I was doing, but I still wasn’t... read more

Cry Out To Jesus

I’ve had many people make comments to me about my prayer life assuming it’s vibrant because I lead prayer meetings. While I would like to agree with the psalmist confidently in faith that “with my whole heart I seek you” (Psalm 119:10), the honest reason I got involved in... read more


For years now, we have lived in the tension of being both a local church and a missions organization. We have recently decided to place everything we are doing in Isla Vista under the new name: Mission Isla Vista. Mission Isla Vista will serve as an umbrella for Jesus... read more
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