Walking by Faith and Knowing Your Purpose / Calling

Faith is such a beautiful gift that has been given to us by God. The book of Hebrews talks about faith being “the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance for what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1). As a Christian, walking by faith is a daily choice that takes discipline. It requires us to align our minds and hearts to what God’s heart is saying and beating.

Faith is something we can choose every time we make a choice, regardless of how big or small it may seem to be. For one person, it may be praying in faith for a job God has promised them and for another, it may take faith to trust their husband to be the provider for their family. The important thing to understand is that faith leads us to JESUS. Faith is an act of trusting in God and leaning into Him. It is also important to know that our promises aren’t the hope, Jesus is. This isn’t to say that Jesus won’t fulfill those promises since we know He is faithful and ALWAYS DOES what He says He is going to do (Lamentations 2:17). He not only knows our hearts and desires better than anyone else on this earth, but He also knows what is best for us (Psalm 139). Abraham walked by faith in believing the generations that God promised would come from his ancestry. Abraham moved from land to land and trusted God with such obedience without ever seeing the dreams God promised come to earth while he was alive. Yet, Abraham never wandered from his calling and obedience to the Father. Abraham didn’t just put his faith in and trust God for the promises, he walked with God in relationship and unity despite the circumstances. Which leads to my next point: know your purpose/call.

Our plans in life may change, but our purpose should always be the same: to worship and glorify God with our whole heart (Matthew 22:37).

As a single woman in her mid-twenties who has been following Jesus and working full time, I always face the following internal questions: Is this job ok? Am I not following Jesus because I am making money and not raising support as a full time missionary? I had a lot of guilt my first year of work. I battled the thought of whether or not I was even in God’s will since I was working. If you’ve ever felt like this, let me tell you this: God is not a father who keeps tabs on our rights and wrongs, nor does He have only one definition of what it means to live for Jesus. (Of course we know there are things not to do as believers). He calls us to be the salt of the earth and to spread the Kingdom of God wherever we are! Don’t get me wrong, Jesus does tell people to be in full-time missions, which is great and amazing and which leads me to my next point: it is so important to hear and be obedient to what the Father is telling YOU and to not compare yourself to anyone! I’ve struggled with this so much. Thankfully, I now know my identity in Christ, which isn’t based on the works, but is based on God’s grace (Galatians 5). Everyday when I go to work, I get off at Mission Street. One morning, God spoke so clearly to me. He said, “Cori, my beloved, you are on a mission today and don’t forget that.” This made me so happy and made me realize that we are all living miracles and are able to show and testify the love of God wherever we go! I get so excited to go to work and see what God has for me that day: giving to a coworker, praying for someone, sharing the gospel, walking away from gossip giving a word of encouragement, the list goes on! Listen to the Holy Spirit who lives inside you. He is talking to us all the time. It’s when we choose to listen that we become aware of His presence which has always been there and will never leave.

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  1. My prbleom was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.


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